pvp artillery tactical game with degen blue chicks..the nfts and dao were actually made by birds...

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 mint soon on foton          Radix         BLUE CHICK           RADIX           Blue chick         mint soon on foton          RA​DIX        BLUE CHICK           RADIX          Blue Chick         mint soon on foton        

Random blue chicks


What Are the Blue Chick nfts?

The Blue Chick NFTs are a collection of x9999 immutable NFTs, procedurally generated from different attributes with different rarities. 
Each Blue Chick is unique and genetically constructed at the moment you mint it.

What do chicks do?

Apart from forming your platoon for battle and giving you access to the Chick DAO, they also grant you legendary status IRL.

Additional 1:1 chickS nfts

The limited 1:1 Chicks NFT collection is a collective effort that incubates super rare chicks. The price, design, and allocation of funds will be decided by the DAO.

Where mint?

The flock is soaring in the most bird-friendly marketplace on the interwebs - FOTON!
Foton is a NFTs Marketplace and SDK for Next-Gen Digital Assets. Built for mass adoption and  powered by  RadixDLT

Visit foton's website

The DAO is the bedrock of the Blue Chick cosmos. Every Blue Chick from the original x9999 mint will wield power to participate in governance, control assets, and set up tournaments, driving our goal of total decentralizati​on and community ownership within the Blue Chick universe.

The DAO possesses the capacity to allocate funds from its Treasury toward various DeFi or investment strategies as a protective measure or a potential growth tactic for the Treasury's capital

in-game assets:

create and vote on in-game assets like items, weapons, and characters and decide how these are distributed,  traded, or used within the game.


organize and participate in game tournamentS + ensure fairness and transparency in the competition.

1:1  chicks NFTs​:

design, vote, price and sell
 1:​1 collectionS to fund itself

Govern rules:

establish and enforce rules for gameplay, such as limits on player behavior or incentives for cooperative play.

help development:

serve as a funding mechanism for game development and earn a share of the game's profits.


Decide on how to invest, stake or trade the treasury in order to grow its value

pvp game

Gather your Platoon for battle and 
unleash hilarious destruction with 
an arsenal of crazy weapons

Blue Chick is an artillery tactical game where the goal is to become the last surviving platoon of blue chicks. Lead a platoon of x5 fierce chicks and unleash their unique weapon sets on the battlefield.
.Each chick in your team brings a unique set of weapons to the fight, making for endless combinations and hours of fun